• Colorado School of Mines Campus in Golden, Colorado
    Colorado School of Mines Campus in Golden, Colorado

Investment Evaluations Corporation

Economic Evaluation & Investment Decision Methods

providing courses in discounted cash flow analysis techniques


About Us


Investment Evaluations Corporation is a private Colorado firm providing public and private seminars and publishing textbooks related to discounted cash flow analysis techniques. These concepts are developed and applied to a range of investments including oil and gas, mining, energy, transportation and other non-natural resource scenarios.

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Upcoming Courses


Colorado School of Mines

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3-Day Course 2016

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  • March 14-16, CSM Campus
  • June 27-29, CSM Campus


5-Day Course 2016

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  • May 16-20, CSM Campus
  • July 25-29, CSM Campus
  • September 12-16, CSM Campus
  • November 7-11, CSM Campus


Midland College

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4-Day Course

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  • May 23-26, Midland
  • November 14-17, Midland

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Other Upcoming Courses 2016

  • Moved to May 23-26, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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For more information, contact:

John Stermole 

Andy Pederson 
Economist / Instructor
Investment Evaluations Corp.

Investment Evaluations Corporation
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